Chapli Kabab Masala

Chapli Kabab Masala

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Suggested Recipe: 'Mincemeat Kebabs'.


Fine mincemeat (preferably Mutton/Beef or otherwise Chicken) - 500g
Onion (medium sized) - 1-2 (75g) cut in very small cubes
Tomatoes (medium sized) - 1-2 (75g) cut in very small pieces.
Green Chillies (medium) - 2-4 (chopped)
Egg beaten/whisked - 1
Ghee/Cooking Oil - about 1/2 cup for frying
Laziza Chapli Kebab Masala - 1 bag

Easy Steps:

  • Mix well Laziza Chapli Kebab Masala (one bag) in mincemeat. Now add whisked egg, onion, tomatoes and mix/knead well to make smooth dough. Leave for 30-45 mins.
  • Make thin flat large kebab with wet hands.
  • Heat ghee/oil and fry kebab on low fire/flame until tender or completely fried.
  • Serve with fresh salad & chutney.
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