Coriander  chutney  335 gm

Coriander chutney 335 gm

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Coriander or Dhania Chutney is a condiment that has been prepared by grinding fresh, aromatic coriander or dhania leaves. It is basically a puree of coriander, lime juice and chilli with a blend of spices. The closest thing to homemade chutney! This bottled version ensures that the coriander keeps its freshness longer, retains and instantly releases its powerful, delightful aroma when added to a dish. It has a distinct flavour and is used in chaats, eaten with samosas or even with bread and butter. Schani has captured and bottled the real taste of coriander. So scoop out a spoonful to add to your yogurt or paratha and relish the chatpata flavour!
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